Why are we building this platform?

What motivates us?

What drives us?

Valid questions. And interesting ones. Why, in fact, would somebody take on an endeavor of this magnitude while having a regular middle class life, job, family and so on?

This last question is the key, the answer. Not why besides what we have, but because of what we have.

This needs some explaining: We realized that our society, our norms, our behaviors are not in sync with today’s inter-connectivity. In business, it still means far more whom you know than what you can do. And (almost) always it is about the company, the department, the team. Loads of politics, intrigues, mistrust, unrealistic timelines, goals that are not reachable. Feels wrong, just like spinning the wheels. But what IS wrong? Actually it is very simple. The needs of the customers are missing. Or the customers all together. If you are stepping back, taking the 30,000 foot view, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is the customer. This focus is completely lost most of the time in most companies with most people.

What is the impact of this? The replacement of this focus with the next nearest thing: The own advantage. (At least in many cases). And because this happens so frequently, it is a norm, a gauging standard. All of a sudden somebody who is orchestrating strategically moves of a lot of pieces that in the final position cause this somebody a benefit, is admirable. Interesting. If you look outside our immediate culture, this kind of behavior is called corruption. It does not benefit or even consider the customer. Or the consequences this behavior has on the customer, the relationship with the customer, or the bottom line of the own company.

All the “everybody is a customer” initiatives are well meant, no doubt. In theory they work, because they are based on the theory that the company puts the customer first. If you take this premise, the initiative is set up to fall short. Because most don’t care about the customer. Or the colleague in the next department. Or the ones they are accountable and responsible for. Or the dude at the next bench, the next desk, the next cubicle. You get the picture. You know the picture.

So what has this to do with what drives us?

Very simple: This realization combined with the fact that one single person entangled in the midst of this mess can’t change (or considers not worth changing) a company of several hundred or thousand people requires a different stage. A stage that allows the developing of a community that helps each other. Actually, I think this is human nature. So all that is needed is an open enough framework, a platform and a common purpose. That is what it is about. You can imagine that once this develops to a company, that there will be not much hierarchy, and none of the old school stuff. It has been done successfully, so we are not the first ones. But, we want to be one of those that put a mark on this world, that help pushing our society into a better future and to help cut off of the old.

It is about the community. It is about building a platform that allows the community and each member to be an Al-e, to build something it is worth being part of. Something befitting of our modern times, our inter-connectivity, our mobility, our desire to help. Making it easy to ask for help, to find help, to accept help and to help. We think this is a core human behavior that we bury deep. Let’s change this.

Nobody can change the things we encounter in life. But we can change how we deal with it. Nobody can change having food allergies. There are many reasons, assumptions, causes. But we can change how we deal with it.

And simplifying the lives of those with food allergies is a way of doing this. This is being an Al-e. This is the Allergen Alarm platform and community.

This is what we can do. This is what drives us. This is why.

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