What we will do in the next little while:

What we will do in the next little while:

We are focusing mainly on the development of the ALPHA version of the app. There is nothing that we can say or promise that beats having a functional alpha on hand.

The sub-revisions as we have them laid out at the moment:

Alpha focuses on the device end and has basic functionality on the server end.

Alpha.1.0: login functionality (login with credentials against server, recovering account, signing up for account, error handling)
Alpha.2.0: main application screen; barcode scanning; server end: logging of activities (generic statistics; user account specific security entries)
Alpha.3.0: communication with server: retrieve UPC information; if ingredients information not pre-loaded add scanned product to preload list)
At this stage the first users will be permitted access.

  • First we’d like to hear feedback how we are doing so far.
  • Second, we want to know what works, what does not, what sucks and what does not function properly.
  • Third, we need to have the “preferred” real world products scanned like it would be with a live app to preload the primary used products first into the database. (We can’t load 100k products at once and expect everything to be checked instantly, so we need to do it gradually)

The number of Alpha testers will be balanced with the number of products to be preloaded. The more products that are already preloaded are scanned, the more Alpha testers will be invited.
Alpha.4.0: taking, managing and submitting of pictures of the product, and ingredients list to device and transmit to server.
Alpha.5.0: allergen profile, options.
Beta focuses on the community side of the app and is mainly focused on the server side. Most of the functionality on the device end is established and being tested.
Beta.1.0: first steps of community activity: user point and rank calculations (we don’t want the first user’s not be credited any of their efforts)
Beta.2.0: verification of product and ingredients information
Beta.3.0: approval of product and ingredients information
Beta.4.0: entering of product and ingredients information
Beta.5.0: enhancing options and functionality.
Once we get into Beta, we start opening the application for more and more testers. The server end needs to be performing with load, so we’d expect the beta test to be opened up gradually but constantly.
This is our rough roadmap for now. True, it will change and get adjusted as we go along, but it gives a good idea for now.
The work on the alpha started early September (believe it or not, but we don’t know exactly).

As of today (September 24th) Alpha.1.0 is close to be completed. The development focuses on android devices but is relatively easily portable to iOs, Blackberry and Microsoft phone 7 and 8.

How can you contribute? If you’d like to participate in the Alpha and Beta tests, please sign up here: Sign-up for Alpha and Beta test. Admittance will be first come first serve.

Another thing we are looking for is android devices and iOs devices that are no longer of use for you but would help us to test and debug. We are looking for android 2.20 and up devices, iPhone4 or ipod touch 4th generation and up. All devices need to be complete with cables and chargers (as long as not USB charging, the screen needs to be usable, wifi and camera functional. Please contact us if you would like to contribute your old devices and tell us what device you would like to contribute. We’d appreciate it and thank everybody.

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