Simplify the lives of people with food allergies, together

With the right prevention and treatment allergies can become very manageable. So you can limit the impact they have on your daily life.


Allergen Alarm is the world’s only community-based food allergen alarming app. Join others receiving and sharing alerts about food allergens while shopping or at home. Controlling the risk of allergic reactions and having reassurance simply by scanning the product’s bar code.


Nothing beats a community working together

Simple concept: Everybody adds, confirms and updates information about products they scan. And with every scan everybody gets a clear information about personal risks of the product (or for loved ones). The best: It’s free. No ifs, ands or buts.
A community is stronger than the sum of it’s individuals.


The easiest way to control allergic reactions

is to avoid contact to allergens. It reduces need for medication and saves money.
Allergen risks are constantly changing. Products are constantly developed, “improved”.  New products appear on the shelves.  On an individual basis it is hard to stay up to date. As a community, one recognizes the change, everybody knows.